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Senior Software Engineer Android

Zürich, Switzerland - Full Time

Company Name

Threema GmbH

Job Description

- Senior Software Engineer Android (Java / Kotlin) 80-100%

- Web Developer (PHP / JS / MySQL) 80-100%

Threema is a mobile messenger focused on privacy, launched in 2012. The business model is paying our expenses by selling the app (around 3€ one-time) as well as business subscriptions (called Threema Work, same app but with MDM capabilities). There are no external investors, the company is fully self-funded (and will stay that way). We manage our own bare-metal servers (no cloud). Leading principles are always user privacy, end-to-end encryption and storing as little user data as technically possible. Around 5 million active users, mostly in Germany / Switzerland. Clients include Daimler, Bosch and the Swiss government (no, there's no backdoor). For technical details, see the crypto whitepaper: https://threema.ch/press-files/2_documentation/cryptography_...

We're a small team, almost all employees are developers (the 3 founders are also devs). Flat hierarchies, a lot of freedoms in how you work. Homeoffice day possible. The usual perks (private health insurance, standing desks, pinball machine, espresso machine). Good work/life balance (nice bike trails and paragliding spots close to the office). And of course, Switzerland is generally a great place to work!

(Some keywords for the Ctrl+F people:) Programming languages we use at the company: Java (Android) / C / Objective C / Swift / Rust / Python / PHP / TypeScript. The infrastructure runs on FreeBSD and Linux servers. Both apps (iOS / Android) are fully native (no cross-platform frameworks). We also do a few things with WebRTC (webclient and calls).

With the Android position, you'd be the person responsible for the Threema Android app. With the Web Dev position, you'd be mostly involved in developing the web based management platform for our business customers.

If you'd like to apply, you should have good German language skills. We could probably help with visa applications though, in case you'd need to relocate.

I think that's about it. If you'd like to know more, let me know at [email protected] (or via Threema 43C98BNT). I hope I'll be able to answer any questions :)

Skills Required